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June 22, 2018

Looking for DUBAI VISA? Need to get it done very EASILY and FAST? For Dubai Visa Online, Fees, Requirements, Dubai Visit Visa from Sri Lanka, read Arooha’s blog to know how easy it is to apply for a Dubai Visa with us.

Type of Dubai Visas in 2018 for Sri Lankans
Dubai has many types of visa, each ideal for a different cause of travel. Mentioned below are the different types of visas, the procedures and the documents that Sri Lankans need to apply for a Dubai visa.

I. Long-term single entry visa
Validity period: 60 days from issue date Permitted duration of stay: 90 days

The long-term visa is divided into three categories:

A. Official

Catering to the business-oriented individual, this dubai visa for sri lankans is ideal for those who travel to Dubai for business activities. The required supporting documents for this visa type are:

Coloured copy of individual’s passport
Invitation letter from host OR resident permit and coloured copy of host’s passport
Confirmed ticket booking
Confirmed hotel booking
Company cover letter

B. Personal

This visa is ideal for those who have family members in Dubai and wish to visit them. The documents required to apply for a personal long term visa are the following.

coloured passport copy of personal details page
confirmed ticket booking
sponsor or host’s coloured
passport copy of personal details page
sponsor’s or host’s residence visa copy
guarantee letter from sponsor or host
proof of relationship (birth certificate,marriage certificate)

C. Tourist

For those who want to enjoy Dubai’s every attraction, sunbathe in its beaches and explore this amazing city, the long term tourist visa for sri lankans will give you enough and more time to do that. If you plan to apply for this visa these are the documents you will need.

For those who want to enjoy Dubai’s every attraction, sunbathe in its beaches and explore this amazing city, the long term tourist visa for sri lankans will give you enough and more time to do that. If you plan to apply for this visa these are the documents you will need.

Coloured copy of passport biodata page
Confirmed flight ticket
Hotel reservation
Procedure for long term visa

Dubai Visa Fees

The rates for a Dubai visa from Sri Lanka are:

  • 14 days visa – 16,000 LKR
  • 30 days visa – 17,000 LKR
  • 90 days visa – 43,000 LKR

Is the Dubai Visa expenses refundable?

The Dubai Visa application expense is non-refundable even on account of the visa getting rejected.

What installment techniques are acknowledged for Dubai Visa?

The Dubai Visa expenses can be paid specifically with money or by bank exchanges.

Dubai Visa Requirements for Sri Lankans

The reports required for Sri Lankans to apply for a Dubai visa and get it issued are:

Clear shading sweep of candidate’s visa individual points of interest page (Passport ought to have a base legitimacy of a half year from the date of movement.)

In the event that the candidate has a reference individual living in UAE, a shading check duplicate of the reference’s living arrangement visa page.

On the off chance that no reference in UAE, a letter from an individual working in a presumed Sri Lankan organization OR a letter from the person’s present business.

How would I present the required reports?

You can present the reports by going to our Colombo office, send it by means of WhatsApp or email it to us.

Dubai Visa Online

The Dubai Visa can be effectively connected by sending the fundamental supporting reports by means of WhatsApp or email. The visa once handled will be sent back to you by WhatsApp or email.

Dubai Visit Visa from Sri Lanka

What is the preparing time for a Dubai visit visa from Sri Lanka?

The visa technique as a rule takes 2 to 3 working days.

What is the technique to get a Dubai Visa from Sri Lanka?

Gather every single important record and submit to Arooha office for assessment.

After the sum total of what reports have been screened, the archives will be sent to Dubai Immigration for handling.

Once the visa has been issued, the delicate duplicate will be messaged to you.

The required supporting documents according to the visa category you are applying for will be collected and submitted to the department of immigration in UAE for pre-approval.
After it has been approved, the supporting documents along with the visa application form will be sent to the visa centre.
Once it has been approved you can visit Dubai before the visa expires.

II. Short-term single entry tourist visa
Validity period: 58 days from issue date
Permitted duration of stay: 30 days

This visa is non-extendable so if tourists apply for this visa, you have to leave Dubai within the 30 day timeframe otherwise you will be fined for every extra day you overstay. The visa processing duration usually varies between 3 to 7 working days (excluding weekends and UAE holidays). For the visa to be issued these are the supporting documents that need to be submitted:

Completely filled application form
Applicant’s coloured photograph with white background
Coloured passport copy of personal details page (passport should have minimum validity of 6 months)
Copy of confirmed flight booking

III. Multiple entry visa
Validity period: 6 months from issue date
Permitted duration of stay: 30 days per visit

This visa allows the holder to enter and exit the country whenever required during the validity period. This visa was implemented so that individuals going back and forth from Dubai don’t have to wait for one month to pass to reapply for a visit visa. Property investors or individuals conducting business in Dubai can opt for the multiple entry visa. This visa is non renewable. Mentioned below are the necessary documents to apply for this visa:

Coloured photograph of applicant
Passport with valid entry permit stamped
Copy of personal details page of passport
6 coloured passport size photographs
Completed application form

Who does not get multiple entry visa?

Sri Lankan individuals holding dual citizenship of countries entitled for visa on arrival cant apply for a multiple entry visa.(for the list of visa on arrival countries check the visa on arrival for sri lankans)

IV. Visa on Arrival for Sri Lankans
Sri lankans who only hold the sri lankan passport are not eligible for a visa on arrival and have to apply for a visa before entering Dubai. However, those who have a dual citizenship and hold dual passports are eligible for a dubai on arrival visa for sri lankans, depending on the country. This visa is immediately stamped when the individual enters the country through any of its airports, seaports or land borders. Keep reading to see which countries have this hassle-free privilege.

A. 90 Day visa on arrival

Permitted duration of stay: 90 days from the day of arrival Sri lankans holding passports of the following countries get a 90 day free visa on arrival.

Austria,Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, France, Finland, Germany,Greece, Holland, Hungary,Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and Slovakia.

The visa cannot be renewed and should be used within 180 days from the arrival date. All passports should have a minimum Validity of 6 months

B. 30 day visa on arrival

Sri lankans with passports of the following countries get to stay in Dubai for 30 days with a 10 day grace period. Andorra, Australia, Brunei, China, Canada Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Monaco, New Zealand,Russia, San Marino, Singapore, South Korea, The Vatican, USA, and UK.

The visa is extendable once, allowing the individual to stay for a total of 60 days. This is considered as a multiple entry visa making it possible for the holder to use the 30 day visa whether he is within UAE territory or not. The number of days stayed out of UAE will be deducted from the 40 day validity period of the visa calculated from date of issue.

V.Transit Visa
Validity period:14 days from issue date

Sri lankan passengers who are travelling with a minimum of 8 hour transit via Dubai should apply for a transit visa. The maximum duration of stay per entry is 96 hours.Mentioned below are the requirements to apply for a transit visa.

Coloured copy of passport details page. Black and white copies are not accepted.
Clear and coloured passport size photograph
Copy of residency visa, If individuals residing country is different from the motherland, proof of residence is required
Travel insurance.
Sri Lankans who hold dual passport of India, Russia or Zimbabwe need to use their Sri Lankan passport to apply for a Dubai visit visa.

Every now and again Asked Questions

Are there any confinements for solo ladies explorers?

Truly, solo female explorers need to get an affirmation of help from any relative living in the UAE.

Is it obligatory to express my motivation of visit to Dubai?

The main reason we expect you to say your motivation of visit is with the goal that we can exhort you on the best Dubai Visa.

How long ahead of time would it be advisable for me to apply for my Dubai Visit Visa?

The best time to apply for your Dubai visa is between 60 to 3 working days preceding your favored date of movement.

Is it conceivable to visit different Emirates with a Dubai Visit visa?

For whatever length of time that you hold a substantial Dubai Visit Visa you can visit any of the other 6 Emirates.

Is there a base age breaking point to apply for a Dubai Visit Visa?

Indeed, there is. Guys beneath 21 years and females underneath 25 years can’t go without being joined by both of their folks or spouse.