Cinnamon Air - Best Domestic Flights In Sri Lanka

From $150
Save Time Fly Now Whole Island in 20-40 Minutes 8 Passengers

Avoid Road Traffic and Fly Now

Cinnamon air offers domestic flights to many of Sri Lanka’s cities. With around thirty domestic destinations, flying with Cinnamon Air is definitely a luxurious way to get around. The take off is a simple affair as the plane doesn't require that high of an altitude. Unlike commercial airlines with other entertainment, in this flight all you get to enjoy is the spectacular views of the Island. Flying with Cinnamon Air reduces the travelling time to more than half as compared to the durations by road. Its like uncovering new treasures (even for locals) because you are seeing the sceneries from a whole new angle. Each of the planes has comfortable seating for 8 passengers. The seats are first class standard with each one having a window to enjoy the splendid views. Included . 23 kg Check in luggage + 5kg hand luggage (1 per person) . Mineral water onboard . Pick up and drop off to specific location Not included . Meals . Pick up and drop off to hotel

Luggage Included

23 kg Check in luggage + 5kg hand luggage (1 per person)

Best Way to See the the Island

The Flying experince in the island is amazing and you will be able to save time while enjoying the Scenes

Pick up from Airport

Pick up from Airport included and you will be collected in a cinnamon air van from a mentioned location

Fly Around Sri Lanka

You can choose multiple destination around Sri Lanka

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