Arooha Tours Featuring Book Now pay on arrival


Schedule now, pay on your tour day

After browsing our website you must have definitely seen a tour you wish to experience on your vacation to Sri Lanka during summer. But you must be a bit sceptic about paying so ahead of time. Arooha has got a mind-relieving answer which is the ‘book now pay later’ service.

The process is simple, choose a tour or tours you like, check the details and book it. You will receive an email confirmation and a follow up call. The payment will be charged only on the time of tour commencement. So leave your worries aside and schedule your favorite experiences with Arooha’s easy and reliable service

What currencies we accept?

Since we are based in Sri Lanka we will definitely accept Sri Lankan Rupees (LKR). In addition to that, we also accept payments made in Australian Dollars (AUD), Canadian Dollars (CAD), US Dollars (USD) and Euros. Since no other Asian currencies are accepted please make sure to bring along the tour charge in any of the above mentioned currencies when attending the tour.

A cherry-picked listing of Sri Lanka’s best activities

Sri Lanka might be tiny in size but in experiences it occupies time with a mind boggling variety. You guessed it, Arooha has an extensive list of the best, most adventurous and most rewarding activities and tours you can experience while in this diverse island. Our amazing list combined with the ‘book now pay on arrival’ service is a lethal combo that’s bound to attract the strongest of hearts.

Do we only accept cash?

Since we are living in an e-payment era we definitely accept cards (debit or credit) and bank transfers apart from cash. If you require any assistance, drop a call and our reservation team will help you out. If you opt to pay through any method other than cash, we will email you a payment link or the account details. Our Driver Guides & National guides carry credit card machine (Memo machines by Hatton National Bank, Sri Lanka)

Why I am putting my credit card details now ?

We work with Rezdy, An Australia based tour software company as our reservation system. They created a system called Rezdy Vault, It captures the credit card details but do not process the payment. We prefer that way too in order to make the book now pay on arrivalfeature. Also Please be aware that even though we don’t charge you at the time of booking everything for you to experience the tour is being booked; your seats are reserved, tables booked, etc. A last minute cancellation or a no-show will be a loss for us, in which case we will charge you. So keep both parties happy and loss-free by informing us of any cancellations before the specified deadline.

Do we allow cancellations or edits?

Yes, you definitely can and it’s easy as 123. Call and explain your requirements -be it cancellations, postponement or edits- to our reservations team and your changes will be sorted. Keep in mind that every tour is different from the other and has a different set of guidelines so make sure to clarify with us before making any cancellations.

Where have we mentioned our contact details?

Head here to get your hands on our contact information if you want to get in touch with us via phone or email. Our team is more than happy to assist. If you plan on calling us after making a booking, don’t take the hassle. You will receive a call from our reservations team immediately after your booking has been confirmed.

Does the ‘book now pay on arrival’ service extend to all of our tours?

Although we wish everything can be booked with this awesome service, some tours require a payment upfront (luxury tours and tours offering many experiences are two types that require an advance payment) to get confirmed. We make sure to mention this requirement in the description of the tour so read all descriptions thoroughly before going ahead with the booking.